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Single Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling

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Single Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling

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The single phase liquid immersion cooling data center solution completely overturns the traditional data center cooling method and provides a new green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly liquid-cooled data center that integrates ultra-quiet, PUE close to 1.0, high power density, lower TCO and other advantages.

How single phase liquid immersion cooling works?

The single phase liquid immersion cooling system mainly consists of a liquid cooling cabinet (Tank), a distribution unit (CDU), coolant and connecting pipelines. The server is placed in the Tank, and the coolant is immersed in the heat exchanger. The high-temperature coolant passes through the variable frequency pump in the CDU, and then goes to the heat exchanger in the CDU for heat exchange. The cooled low-temperature coolant returns to the Tank, and the cycle repeats. On the cooling side, one end of the CDU heat exchanger is connected to the cooling tower or the low-temperature cooling water of the chilled water. After the low-temperature cooling water is exchanged by the heat exchanger, the temperature of the low-temperature cooling water increases. The cooling water with the increased temperature returns to the cooling tower or the chilled water host and is heated. The exchange turns into low-temperature cooling water, and the low-temperature cooling water is sent to the CDU heat exchanger through a water pump, and the cycle repeats.


Single Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling


Advantages of single phase liquid immersion cooling

High heat density

The heat density of the rack increases, from the original single cabinet heat density of 3kW or 5kW to 10kW or even 20kW, 30kW, or even more than 50kW. Traditional cooling solutions cannot meet the heat dissipation requirements, and liquid cooling will be the best solution.

Excellent PUE

Energy costs are the main expense of data centers, so data center operators have been working hard to reduce energy consumption. Immersion liquid cooling can reduce the energy consumption of the data center by 20% to 30%, and the PUE can be less than 1.04.

save space

Space management in the data center is one of the most concerning issues for current data center managers. Saving data center space is the main agenda of IT infrastructure management. The immersed liquid cooling system reduces the space occupied by servers and cooling equipment using traditional cooling methods, freeing up the original space for server use and greatly increasing the area availability of the original computer room.

Environmental optimization

With the development of edge data centers, equipment in such data centers is used in harsher environments, posing higher challenges to servers and cooling equipment. The immersed liquid cooling system not only protects the equipment from the impact of harsh environments, but also greatly reduces the operating noise of the data center and reduces noise pollution because the server fan can be removed. The operating noise of the immersed liquid-cooled data center can be as low as 50dB(A).



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