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Semiconductor Manufacturing Temperature Control Solution

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Temperature Control Solution


Semiconductors are the heart of electronic devices, but their manufacturing processes are complex and advanced, which place high demands on the equipment used. Quick couplings ensure the connection between the different parts of the liquid cooling system, and for the manufacturing process to run smoothly, they need to be flexible, reliable, easy to use, and ensure no spillage when disconnected.

Thermal management is critical to semiconductor manufacturing. Much of the equipment used in the process is temperature sensitive, and even the smallest variation can affect yield. High-precision equipment such as EUV, CVD, and coolers require efficient cooling procedures to maintain controlled temperatures.

semiconductor temperature control

Previously, lift couplings were used to connect various components of chillers and manufacturing equipment, but they are no longer acceptable due to large fluid leaks. Instead, a liquid cooling system that includes an anti-spill quick connector is the preferred solution. LNEYA is ideal for controlling the temperature of the cooling unit when the etch process of increasingly thinner lines requires extremely low temperatures.

In order to keep the chiller cool, effective heat dissipation is critical. Therefore, a heat exchanger is used for overall temperature control. Quick couplings enable efficient and safe connection and disconnection of exchangers, maintaining smooth and flexible operation. LNEYA is a reliable quick-connect solution designed for the semiconductor industry, ensuring no leaks near sensitive equipment, with high flow and low pressure drop.

In the manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits, in processes such as lithography, etching, physical vapor deposition, and chemical vapor deposition, it is necessary to use a chiller to precisely control the temperature of the process chamber. The special chiller for the semiconductor industry is used to meet the process requirements of large load changes and precise temperature control. The special chiller for the semiconductor industry consists of a refrigeration system and a circulation system. The refrigeration system includes four main parts: compressor, condenser, electronic expansion valve and evaporator, and the circulation system is composed of water tank, circulation pump and heater. The chiller system is a multivariable, nonlinear and time-varying complex system. The temperature control of the chiller is affected by parameters such as compressor frequency, evaporation pressure, suction pressure, and heating power, so it is difficult to establish an accurate mathematical model. Traditional PID control is difficult to meet the control needs. Therefore, fuzzy PID control is adopted. When the system error is large, use fuzzy control to improve the system response; when the system error is small, use conventional PID regulator. Use the idea of fuzzy PID to change the parameters of PID control, adjust the PID control action according to different error conditions and control cycles, so as to achieve reasonable control and adjustment of temperature.

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