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Selection of the reactor refrigeration and heating integrated machine.

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Reactor refrigeration and heating integrated machine has been used in many fields, mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries, to provide heat and cold sources for reactors, tanks, etc., and can also be used for heating and cooling of other equipment.

1. When purchasing, users need to have a general understanding of the product. The cooling method of the chiller is divided into water cooling and air cooling. These two methods are suitable for different environments and can be selected according to the environment of the factory. If you are in the southern region, the efficiency of choosing air cooling will be lower, but water cooling will be better. This is because the south has more rainy weather and less windy weather, and the general temperature in the south is relatively high. If you are in the northern region, it is better to choose air cooling. Because the temperature in the north is low and it is easy to freeze, it is not suitable for water cooling.

2. Secondly, when different manufacturers produce products, different design schemes will bring differences in product models and functions. Therefore, it is necessary to make a choice after comparing the actual working conditions of the manufacturer. Knowing more beforehand can help you make better choices and avoid unnecessary troubles.

3. The reactor refrigeration and heating integrated machine can be used with most experimental equipment, such as rotary evaporator, constant liquid environment, and uniform temperature. It needs to be used in conjunction with other devices to play the desired role.

4. There is a process for the installation process of the reactor refrigeration and heating integrated machine. Handling first, handling to avoid collision. When unpacking, be careful not to damage the contents of the box. Secondly, after unpacking, you should also pay attention to arrange a special person to keep the random data, and do a good job of inspection to check whether the equipment in the box is complete and whether there is any defect, and then install it. You can follow the steps during installation. To ensure installation conditions, it is forbidden to store in the open air, avoid vibration and shock, avoid direct sunlight or rain, and avoid corrosive places.

5. In case of leakage, the leakage protector equipped with the equipment will cut off the power in time. Therefore, when using it, pay attention to checking the leakage protector to see if it meets the national standards.

6. Provide a field source with a uniform and constant temperature for users to perform constant temperature experiments on material samples or produced products, and can also be used as a heat source or cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.


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