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Selection and Precautions of Chiller Manufacturers

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The selection of industrial chiller manufacturers must pay attention to whether they have a formal production base. If they buy equipment from manufacturers, not only the price of chillers will be cheaper, but also the service time will be longer. If the user is using the chiller for a long time, it is recommended to choose the industrial chiller equipped with imported brand accessories. Although the price of using the imported brand industrial chiller will be higher, its effect is better than that of the ordinary brand accessories in terms of refrigeration effect, stability and service time. Secondly, many low-temperature chillers used in industrial production are customized equipment, but some businesses only provide standard size chillers.

Precautions for industrial chiller

  • Place the industrial chiller in a place with good natural ventilation and heat removal effect. If the heat removal effect is poor, the condensing temperature and matching condensing working pressure of the condenser will be too high, which will affect the power of the chiller, and finally affect the normal operation of the frozen equipment and production efficiency.
  • Clean the dust and dirt on the dust screen of the chiller and the condenser. During the whole operation process of the chiller, the dust screen of the chiller and the plate fin type of the condenser are very easy to absorb dust and dirt. If they are not removed for a long time, the heat discharge characteristics of the chiller will be affected. When summer comes, the working temperature rises, and the dust on the dust screen and condenser will affect the heat removal effect of the chiller, resulting in insufficient power of the chiller. The customer can use the gas gun to clean the dust of the condenser of the chiller and remove the dust net.
  • Clean the water storage tank and replace the cooling circulating water on time. If the water storage tank is not cleaned for a long time, the heat and cold exchange effect of the air conditioning evaporator inside the water storage tank will become worse due to microbial strains, and more seriously, it will cause water channel blockage and affect the cooling effect of small chillers. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the water storage tank and replace the cooling circulating water on time.

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