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Refrigeration and Heating Systems for Laboratory Extraction and Separation

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Refrigeration and Heating Systems for Laboratory Extraction and Separation


The refrigeration and heating system for laboratory extraction and separation is a high and low temperature control equipment in the extraction industry, used to separate mixtures, and is one of the means used to purify and purify compounds in organic chemistry laboratories. Through the extraction method, the desired substance can be extracted from the solid or liquid mixture. The following is a detailed introduction.

Debugging of extraction refrigeration heating system.customized chiller

The extraction refrigeration heating system has different product specifications of large, medium and small. Before leaving the factory, we will carry out corresponding debugging work to check whether the equipment installation meets the regulations, whether the size, specification and material of the connecting pipe meet the design requirements, and whether the performance is in operation. OK, the temperature range is accurate.

Since the extraction refrigeration heating system is a large and medium-sized equipment, it needs to cooperate closely in design, installation and use during commissioning. In order to ensure that the commissioning work is carried out in an orderly manner, relevant personnel must form a team to give guidance. It is first necessary to confirm that the commissioning personnel are fully familiar with the structure and performance of the refrigeration and heating system, clarify the commissioning methods, steps and technical requirements that need to be met, formulate detailed and specific specific commissioning plans, and let the commissioning personnel in each position clarify the tasks and requirements. Check whether the installation of the equipment meets the technical requirements, whether the foundation meets the requirements, and whether the size, specification, and material of the connecting pipes meet the design requirements.

The power supply system of the equipment should be installed and debugged.

Independent water flow testing of the refrigeration system to flush out dirt from the plumbing system. Make sure that the pump can work normally and the circulating water can meet the requirements of the working conditions. When the equipment arrives at the site, if it still needs to be debugged, it needs to be debugged by operators who have a clear understanding of the performance of the equipment, and the manufacturer will provide corresponding debugging methods and steps.

The extraction refrigeration heating system needs to be in a clean, bright, and ventilated environment, and the operator pays attention to the working conditions of the instruments such as pressure, temperature, flow, quality, and time.

Liquid addition work of extraction refrigeration heating system

Liquid filling and emptying are relatively basic operations in refrigeration and heating systems, and liquid filling and emptying are carried out together. The liquid filling port is located on the top of the device, close clockwise and open counterclockwise, pay attention to operate according to the operating instructions. When adding liquid and emptying, it is necessary to pay attention to protective measures and wear rubber gloves for operation. Select the corresponding type of heat conduction medium, and pay attention to check whether there is any quality problem. When adding liquid, do not splash out or flow into other components, so as not to damage the equipment.

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