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Reduce Industrial Chiller Failures

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Reduce Industrial Chiller Failures


If the enterprise wants to reduce the failure of the chiller, the main thing is to ensure the normal use of the chiller and good repair and maintenance. In this way, we can better ensure the use of the machine. No matter how good the machine is, there will be problems when the chiller is of course no exception. Users will inevitably experience some equipment failures during use. The most common failures are: high and low pressure failures, slow startup speed, equipment not cooling, and so on. If the industrial chiller is not powered on, or the heat exchanger is not cleaned, refrigerant leaks, and operational errors may all cause these problems. Or a lot of impurities are deposited in the pipeline, which will affect the water flow and other reasons, which will lead to equipment failure. Therefore, when the machine fails, it is best to ask professional maintenance personnel to check and repair the chiller, and replace the defective parts in time.

When users use the chiller for the first time, they need to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment to ensure that the installation location, power supply, water source, and pipe connections are all correct, so as to avoid problems during the cooling process. And wrap the frozen water pipe with thermal insulation cotton, which can effectively prevent the loss of cooling capacity. The startup and shutdown steps of the chiller and auxiliary equipment should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation manual of the chiller, observe whether there is a lack of refrigerant and lubricating oil, and regularly maintain the chiller, especially the water-cooled chiller, which must be cooled from the The water tower to the whole set of equipment are maintained.

Correct use and pay attention to daily maintenance can not only prolong the service life of the chiller, but also provide you with continuous and stable low-temperature chilled water, improve product efficiency, reduce business costs, and win greater profits.

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