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Reasons for the Decline in Cooling Performance of Water-Cooled Chillers

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Reasons for the Decline in Cooling Performance of Water-Cooled Chillers


1. Some of these factors are impurities in the water source of the water-cooled chiller, which accumulate and adhere to the pipes between various equipment for a long time, resulting in a small flow rate of water. Therefore, the pipes between the equipment to be cleaned.

2. All chillers must be tested before leaving the factory to ensure the unit is functioning properly. If the indoor temperature cannot be lowered when it is first used, it may be that the water-cooled chiller does not match.low temperature cooler

3. When using the chiller for the first time, the temperature cannot be lowered. Another reason is that there are small problems between the water-cooled chiller and the cooling tower, circulating water pump, and pipelines, which need to be carefully checked according to the installation drawing.

4. If the cooling performance of the water-cooled chiller that has been used for half a year or a year declines, the following problems may occur: the heat exchanger of the water-cooled chiller is too dirty, it is recommended to clean the heat exchanger (finned heat exchanger or shell heat exchanger) heat exchanger) and cleaned regularly after use. There is Freon leakage in the refrigeration system, it is recommended to find the leak point. It is also possible that the temperature of the chiller is too high or too low, so that the chiller cannot meet the requirements. In this case, only larger water-cooled chillers can be selected to meet the requirements.

Facing the cooling performance of water-cooled chillers, if there are no professional maintenance personnel, do not deal with the cooling performance. You should contact the original chiller manufacturer to arrange professional technicians, or find professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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