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Reasons and Precautions for Supporting Cooling Water Towers for Industrial Chillers

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Reasons and Precautions for Supporting Cooling Water Towers for Industrial Chillers


Chiller is an energy-saving machine that achieves cooling effect through vapor compression or absorption cycle. In order to improve the operating efficiency and cooling effect of industrial chillers, many enterprises mostly use external cooling towers for reconstruction. Since the external cooling tower can speed up the volatilization of the medium heat source of the industrial chiller, it has had a far-reaching impact in terms of shortening the cooling time and saving the cooling consumption of the industrial chiller used by the enterprise for a long time. Therefore, configuring a suitable cooling tower is the basic measure for enterprises to improve the efficiency of industrial chillers.explosion proof ultra low temperature chiller

Generally, water-cooled chillers need the assistance of cooling water towers, because industrial chillers in high-efficiency operation will generate a lot of heat. If air-cooled cooling is used, the overall cooling effect will be poor, and it will be affected by the ventilation environment. The use of air-cooled industrial chillers in an environment with poor ventilation conditions cannot compare with water-cooled industrial chillers in terms of cooling performance and durability of low-temperature environments.

The operation efficiency of the water-cooled industrial chiller can be improved by using an external cooling tower. When the industrial chiller is actually running, due to the high heat generated by the industrial chiller, if it cannot be removed in a timely and effective manner, the operating efficiency of the industrial chiller will inevitably be affected. Especially for enterprises that use a large number of industrial chillers, when a large amount of heat cannot be removed, the temperature range of the use environment will inevitably increase, which will affect the durability and stability of the low-temperature environment and lead to an increase in energy consumption of industrial chillers. .

Matters needing attention when using cooling water towers with water-cooled industrial chillers:

Although the use of cooling towers for industrial chillers can improve the operating efficiency and cooling effect of the equipment, it is necessary to choose a more suitable location when installing cooling towers for water-cooled industrial chillers. The installation position of the cooling water tower must be higher than the industrial chiller, and the larger the height range, the faster the water flow of the cooling water tower, which is very helpful for rapid cooling. However, water-cooled industrial chillers and cooling towers in a horizontal position not only have a low water flow rate, but also cause the cooling water pump of the cooling tower to be in an overloaded operating state, shortening the service life of the pump.

In order to meet the operating requirements of industrial chillers, water softening equipment needs to be installed at the same time as the cooling tower supporting the water-cooled chiller is installed. Only by keeping the water source used by the cooling tower fully meeting the operation requirements of the equipment can the irreparable losses caused by various scale problems to the water-cooled industrial chiller be avoided, and the long-term efficient and stable operation of the chiller can be maintained. A high-quality cooling tower can maintain the safe and stable operation of the freezer. Especially in the state of high-efficiency operation of the cooling water tower, the low-temperature effect of the industrial chiller is better, and the temperature of the same type of space can be cooled more quickly, which can meet the cooling needs of enterprises for different spaces and ensure that enterprises can safely complete all production tasks.

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