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Precautions When Shutting down the Low Temperature Screw Chiller

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Precautions When Shutting down the Low Temperature Screw Chiller


Low-temperature screw chillers are used in all walks of life, especially the demand for air-cooled chillers has always been great. The air-cooled chiller is mainly used to cool the heating part of the equipment to ensure the effective operation of the equipment under constant temperature conditions. General chemical industry, machinery industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries are in great demand. The equipment is compact in structure, smaller in volume than water-cooled chillers, and easy to use.industrial water chiller system

Precautions for shutting down the low temperature screw chiller:

1. After the circuit breaker trips, it cannot be easily closed, and the motor cannot be started directly through the circuit breaker. The motor and wiring of the air-cooled chiller must be carefully checked to find out the cause of the trip and deal with it properly. Once done, the gate can be closed.

2. If the air-cooled chiller needs to be shut down regularly (note: not for a long time), the 220V power supply cannot be cut off. During the shutdown of the air-cooled chiller, the crankcase oil heater must be kept powered on for heating. status.

3. If the exhaust pressure of the air-cooled chiller is too high and the water temperature is too low, press the manual reset button on the protection switch, and then press the stop switch to restart.

4. After eliminating ultra-low pressure suction, high temperature exhaust, and small flow faults, the air-cooled chiller will automatically reset. When the air-cooled chiller automatically resets, press the stop switch to restart the machine.

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