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Precautions for the Use of 150kW Low Temperature Chiller

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Precautions for the Use of 150kW Low Temperature Chiller


The 150kW low-temperature chiller adopts a closed screw compressor, supplemented by an efficient heat exchanger, and adopts a PLC microcomputer controller and a color touch screen, so that the unit has the characteristics of compact appearance, reasonable layout, and convenient use and maintenance. Users can put into operation as long as they connect the pipeline of the chilled water system, the pipeline of the cooling water system and the required power supply.

1. The circulating pump of the 150kW low-temperature chiller is suitable for the overshoot reaction of rapid exothermic and endothermic reaction in a short time, and the magnetic drive non-leakage pump with high temperature and low temperature resistance reduces the risk of leakage. At the same time, it has a series of advantages such as low noise, large flow, long lift, large flow rate, and low calorific value.

2. Through the single-machine self-cascading refrigeration process, the compressor can work well regardless of high temperature or low temperature.

3. The electronic expansion valve has a wide temperature range. The electronic expansion valve used can accurately control the number of steps of the stepper motor, so as to accurately control the opening of the electronic expansion valve, so as to accurately control the evaporation of the compressor refrigerant. .

4. The refrigerant pressure gauge of the 150kW low-temperature chiller, some equipment are equipped with a refrigerator pressure gauge to indicate the pressure of the refrigerator, and the state of the compressor can be judged accordingly.

5. When selecting thermal insulation materials for 150kW low temperature chillers, the temperature range of the equipment should be considered first, and flame retardant materials should be selected. The suitable temperature range of thermal insulation materials should include the temperature range of the equipment, with a margin greater than 30 degrees. There is a possibility of fire when the user ignores this problem. The thermal insulation material should be wrapped in sufficient amount, otherwise the equipment control may not achieve the expected effect.

6. The 150kW low-temperature chiller should be installed in an area far away from the noise-sensitive area, and the shock-absorbing pad should be installed under the bracket of the unit.

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