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Precautions before Starting the Screw Chiller

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Precautions before Starting the Screw Chiller


1. Generally, the voltage range of components such as compressors is not allowed to exceed 10% of the extra voltage. If the equipment has voltage instability or other faults during operation, it may cause damage to motor components such as compressors and pumps. Therefore, it is very important to check whether the power supply voltage value of the screw chiller is the same as the voltage and frequency indicated by the equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the wiring of the electrical control parts of the chiller, such as contactors, sensors and other components is firm.

2. After checking the circuit of the screw chiller, the user should also check whether the water system (perhaps including the cooling water system, the chilled water system and the water supply source, etc.) is normal, such as whether the valve on the water circulation pipeline has been opened, etc.

3. After checking the electric control system and water circulation system, it is also necessary to check the refrigeration system. Generally, check the high-pressure pressure gauge and low-pressure pressure gauge on the screw chiller. Through the above pressure value, the user can determine whether the refrigerant and system of the chiller are normal. If the pressure value is zero or the high and low pressure exceeds the normal range, it is necessary to After troubleshooting, turn on the screw chiller.

4. To ensure the long-term stable operation of the screw chiller, the operator needs to know more about the common knowledge of the chiller, such as component composition and working principle, standard operating procedures and maintenance knowledge, etc.

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