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New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Thermal Management System Solutions

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New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Thermal Management System Solutions

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The thermal management system is an essential part of new energy vehicles. This system can monitor new energy vehicles from an overall perspective, so that key components in each link can work at a suitable temperature to ensure the reliability of new energy vehicles. So as to provide the driver with a good driving experience.


New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Thermal Management System Solutions


Taking electric vehicles as an example, the thermal management system can monitor the temperature of the electric vehicle’s driving motor and power battery in real time and make reasonable adjustments when the temperature is too high or too low, so that the driving motor and power battery can always maintain the temperature during driving. at the set temperature level. Generally, the thermal management system of an electric vehicle consists of three circuits, namely, the air conditioning cooling circuit, the motor cooling circuit and the battery cooling circuit.

When the temperature of the drive motor is too high, the drive motor is generally cooled by the motor cooling circuit, that is, the coolant in the motor cooling circuit is driven by the cooling pump to circulate and the heat is dissipated through the radiator and fan to cool the drive motor. Effect. When the power battery is overheated, the air-conditioning cooling circuit cooling method is generally used, that is, the cooling medium in the air-conditioning cooling circuit and the cooling liquid in the battery cooling circuit conduct heat exchange to reduce the temperature of the power battery.

However, the disadvantage of this method of cooling the power battery through the air-conditioning cooling circuit is that since the air-conditioning cooling circuit mainly includes high-power components such as compressors, condensers, and battery coolers, if the cooling of the power battery depends entirely on the refrigerant of the air conditioner, it must be It will increase the cooling power of the air conditioner compressor, and the power to drive the compressor comes entirely from the power battery, so often using this method to cool the power battery will inevitably speed up the energy consumption of the power battery, thereby shortening the driving range of the electric vehicle. Further, if the electric vehicle is using the air-conditioning system to cool the ambient air in the cabin, since the compressor still needs to distribute part of the cooling power to the battery cooling circuit, it will affect the cooling effect in the cabin, to a certain extent. It will affect the car experience of the drivers and passengers in the compartment. Correspondingly, there is a need in the art for a new cooling control method for energy storage units to solve the above problems.

In order to solve the deficiencies in the existing technology, that is, to solve the problem of high energy consumption in the existing new energy vehicles using the air-conditioning cooling circuit to cool the energy storage unit, our company provides a cooling control method for the energy storage unit, which greatly improves the efficiency of the energy storage unit. It improves the heat dissipation effect, reduces energy consumption, and improves the operating efficiency of the vehicle.


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