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Methods to Increase the Air Volume of the Chiller Compressor

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Methods to Increase the Air Volume of the Chiller Compressor


The compression chiller is composed of four parts: refrigeration compressor, chiller, throttle valve and evaporator. The four parts are connected by pipes to form a closed system. As the heart of the chiller, the compressor plays a pivotal role. So how to improve the compressor’s displacement (air volume) output coefficient? I will introduce it to you below.

Methods to increase the air volume of the chiller compressor:

1. Sensitivity of suction valve and exhaust valve;

2. The tightness of the air valve and stuffing box;

3. The piston ring should be kept tight;

4. Maintain the tightness of the output pipeline, gas cutting, gas storage tank and cooler;

5. Correctly select the size of the void volume;

6. Dryer and colder gas should be inhaled;

7. Properly increase the speed of the air compressor. If necessary, clean the cylinder and other parts.

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