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Manufacturer of Closed High Temperature Heating Circulators

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Manufacturer of Closed High Temperature Heating Circulators


The closed high-temperature heating circulator is a high-temperature heating source developed and designed by our company. It is suitable for jacketed reactors, chemical pilot reactions, high-temperature distillation, and semiconductor industries. The heating circulator makes up for the shortcomings of many similar products, with low price and high precision, it is your ideal choice.

Key Features of Closed High Temperature Heated Circulatorsheating circulators

●The circulation pump outputs the heat transfer fluid to heat the materials in the supporting equipment.

●It is equipped with an exhaust valve, which is convenient for replenishing circulating fluid in the equipment.

●The heater is customized and has a long service life.

●With over-temperature alarm function, overload and over-current protection function.

●Temperature control adopts PID method with high temperature control precision.

●Circulation system is made of stainless steel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

●The heat transfer fluid circulation system is sealed to prolong the service life of the heat transfer fluid.


Advantages of Closed High Temperature Heated Circulators

【1】Water and oil dual-use: high temperature up to 300°C.

【2】Made of high-quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant.

【3】The flow rate of the external circulation pump is large, and the temperature control efficiency is high.

【4】PID control, digital temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, easy operation.

【5】Digital display temperature measurement value and temperature setting value, humanized touch button design.

【6】The cold water circulation device can be selected, and tap water can be introduced to realize rapid cooling inside the system, which is suitable for temperature control of exothermic reactions at high temperatures.

We are a professional manufacturer of temperature control equipment, supporting customized services, please consult us for details!


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