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Maintenance of Lubrication System of Ultra-low Temperature Chiller

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Maintenance of Lubrication System of Ultra-low Temperature Chiller


The main function of the lubrication system is to effectively lubricate the various components of the ultra-low temperature chiller to prevent excessive wear. So what are the main tasks of maintaining the lubrication system during the working process of the machine?

1. Regular routine inspections, pay attention to observe whether the oil level, oil temperature, and oil pressure are normal, regularly check the oil quality according to the oil change index specified by the refrigerated lubricating oil, and replace or supplement the filtered new oil.

2. Regularly replace or clean the filter element, pipeline and crankcase.

3. During routine inspection or maintenance, the user should check and adjust the end face clearance of the oil pump, and replace the pump if necessary. The end face clearance of the pump varies depending on the size and specification. For the specific value, please refer to the factory configuration regulations.

Whether it is an ultra-low temperature chiller or other industrial chillers, the maintenance of the lubrication system of the equipment is a project with high technical work requirements, mainly involving the performance of the compressor host. Avoid unnecessary losses.

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