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Low Temperature Chiller Descaling

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Low Temperature Chiller Descaling


The maintenance and maintenance of the low temperature chiller is very important. I believe that everyone will not ignore the introduction of related content in this regard. Since there are many details that are easily overlooked in the process of cleaning, I would like to share with you some methods of descaling and what are the important parts.

The descaling of the low temperature chiller is an important task, and it is also an important aspect of the daily maintenance of the low temperature chiller. Let me talk about the descaling components of the chiller and the descaling method.

Descaling parts:

Depending on the type of low-temperature chiller, its descaling components are also different. The following are the most important condensers, evaporators and circulating water pipes.

1. Condenser. The descaling of the condenser is divided into water cooling and air cooling.

For the air-cooled condenser, cleaning is mainly to remove the dust and dirt of the condenser, which can be removed with a descaling agent. Of course, the descaling work should be periodic and regular, otherwise, it will affect the normal use of the low temperature chiller.

For water-cooled condensers, cleaning is mainly to remove scale, which is relatively more difficult to clean. It is necessary to use a descaling agent, and to cooperate with equipment such as cleaning pumps and liquid distribution tanks.

2. Evaporator, for the evaporator, scale is often produced on the outside, this is because the evaporator must be placed in the chilled water, so that the cooling capacity generated by the evaporation and heat absorption of the refrigerant in the inner tube can be given to the chilled water. The descaling of the evaporator is also more important, otherwise the cooling effect will also be affected.

3. The circulating water pipeline and the circulating water pipeline also need to be cleaned. When cleaning, it must be carried out in the shutdown state to ensure that each valve of the system is opened. If the valve is not opened, the low temperature chiller cannot be cleaned.

It is necessary to determine the descaling agent that needs to be used for cleaning and descaling, and ensure that the descaling agent is suitable for cleaning the pipes and parts of the low-temperature chiller. Most descaling agents are acidic, which is generally referred to as Pickling. Users must master the concentration ratio, otherwise it will easily lead to internal corrosion of the low-temperature chiller.

After the machine stops and starts cleaning, the cleaning device must first be formed into a cleaning system, and different treatments are carried out according to the different parts to be cleaned. Of course, it can also be cleaned manually, but it will be more difficult to clean without the aid of equipment such as a cleaning pump.

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