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LNEYA Circulation Heater for Sale

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UC series Circulation Heater is a closed instant heating circulator developed by our company according to the customer’s demand for high temperature and rapid heating. It mainly uses the direct heat conduction heating method to work. The cold water/oil in the plate can directly flow through the surface of the heating element to be heated, and because of the small volume of the plate tank, the water/oil in the tank can be heated quickly, so the circulating water/oil has a higher temperature.

Circulation Heater can provide heat source for various heating devices and cannot be used alone. Usually cooperate with double-layer glass reaction kettle, stainless steel, enamel reaction kettle, fermentation tank and various circulation pipelines to do high-temperature distillation and drying reactions.

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Circulation Heater Features

1. Water and oil dual-purpose: the highest temperature can reach 300°C;

2. Small size and beautiful appearance.

3. High heating efficiency and short heating time;

4. A check valve is installed in the circuit to form a closed circulation system and reduce heat loss;

5. The working area of the high-temperature oil tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant;

6. PID control, digital temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, easy operation;

7. LED double windows digitally display temperature measurement value and temperature setting value respectively, humanized touch button design;

8. Adopt solid state relay control circuit, no contact, no open flame, prolong life.

9. It can be equipped with air-cooled circulation for heat dissipation to achieve rapid cooling.

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