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Lithium-ion Battery Cooling System

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Lithium-ion Battery Cooling System


With the rapid development and popularization of electric vehicles, lithium-ion technology has been widely used. In order to ensure the performance and life of lithium-ion batteries, high and low temperature cycle tests are required. For this reason, we need to purchase a stable and easy-to-operate lithium-ion battery cooling system.

The temperature control range in lithium-ion battery cooling system is a very important factor. Different types of Li-ion batteries require different test temperatures. For example, the test temperature range required for lithium iron phosphate batteries is relatively wide, the temperature range is between 40°C and +85°C, while the temperature range required for ternary lithium batteries is relatively narrow, usually between 20°C and +60°C. Therefore, when purchasing a lithium-ion battery cooling system, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the temperature control range of the equipment can cover the current required test range.

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The temperature control accuracy of lithium-ion battery cooling system is also a very important factor. The control accuracy of the test temperature directly affects the test results of the battery pack. Generally speaking, the temperature control accuracy of the equipment should be within ±0.5°C. At the same time, it is also necessary to select a function with rapid heating and cooling to meet the testing requirements of different battery packs.

The versatility of the lithium-ion battery cooling system is also a factor to consider. Versatility means whether the device can be applied to different types and specifications of battery packs. Because the size, shape and other characteristics of different battery packs are different, it is necessary to choose test equipment with versatility. At the same time, when purchasing equipment, it is also necessary to choose an all-in-one machine that can adjust the size of the test room to meet the test requirements of battery packs of different specifications.

When using lithium-ion battery cooling system, pay attention to good ventilation and keep the environment around the equipment dry. At the same time, do not use the device in public areas or in flammable and explosive areas to avoid accidents.

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