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Laboratory Refrigeration Heating Circulators

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Laboratory Refrigeration Heating Circulators


Refrigeration and heating circulator is a circulation device that can provide cold source and heat source, and has a wide working range. It is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and other industries to provide heat source and cold source for reactors, tanks, etc., and can also be used for heating other equipment and cool. The high and low temperature circulation device is widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection, biochemistry, medical treatment, chemical industry, scientific research and other fields.

The refrigerating and heating circulator can realize continuous heating and cooling. It adopts the technology of operating the compressor under high temperature and high pressure. It can directly turn on the compressor to refrigerate from 200 ℃. The high and low temperature circulator greatly improves the cooling rate and saves the time and energy of the test.

Features of Refrigeration Heating Circulator:cooling heating circulation system

1. Wide working temperature range, with heating and cooling functions at the same time, large temperature range: -45°C~250°C.

2. Controller with 2 LED displays, which can simultaneously display temperature set value and actual value, as well as over-temperature alarm value.

3. Efficient and fast, easy to fill liquid.

4. Ensure rapid cooling under high temperature conditions; continuous temperature control from 250 degrees to -45 degrees can be achieved.

5. The cycle management is fully sealed, without oil mist and water absorption, which ensures the safety of the experiment and the life of the thermal fluid.

6. Refrigeration compressor, circulation pump, stable performance and reliable quality.

7. It has self-diagnosis function; refrigerator overload protection; high-voltage pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device and other safety protection functions.

8. Control the temperature of the heat transfer medium, and use the same heat transfer medium throughout the heating and cooling process.

9. High-lift design meets long-distance transmission of heat-conducting media.

Refrigeration heating circulator use preparation:

1. For the first use, open the wooden box and install the liquid inlet and outlet valves on the liquid inlet. (Note: The liquid inlet and outlet are marked on the top of the machine, the valve is a cut-off valve, the flow of the valve medium has a direction, and the valve is marked with the flow direction.

2. Connect the valve and the reactor with a hose. The inlet and outlet of the reactor should be bottom-in and top-out to ensure that the reactor is kept full of liquid. the

3. Open the liquid filling hole of the high and low temperature tank, put the medium into the machine and turn on the cycle switch of the machine to let the liquid circulate in the whole system. (Note: to empty the air in the system)

4. The cooling medium should meet the conditions of use.

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