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Laboratory Reactor Cooling System Chiller

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There are various kinds of laboratory reactors. The containers used for chemical reactions are suitable for different reaction conditions. It changes with the changes of materials, temperature, pressure and other indicators. The special chiller for the reactor is aimed at chemical test reactions. Kettle cooling equipment. Product features of Wuxi Guanya Laboratory Reactor Chiller:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: adopting a new generation of heat exchange technology U-shaped internally threaded copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is increased by 30%-40%, realizing energy saving;

2. Simple operation: the fully automatic microcomputer control panel can realize man-machine dialogue, and it can run automatically only by setting the temperature and pressure values;

reactor temperature control unit

3. Wide range of application: It can be used in various heating or cooling devices in various industries, such as reactor chillers, constant temperature test chambers, cold and thermal shock test chamber chillers, etc.;

4. Easy to install: the unit is a vertical structure with a small footprint, and the outer panel adopts the form of quick disassembly and assembly, which is extremely convenient for maintenance;

5. Various protection devices: with pump overload protection, high and low voltage abnormal protection, low temperature protection device; phase loss and reverse phase protection device; electronic time delay and other safety protections, and automatically stop working in dangerous conditions to ensure safety.

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