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Industrial Vacuum Equipment Refrigeration Chiller

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Vacuum equipment is widely used in industry. Because the vacuum equipment will generate heat during its working process, if the heat of the equipment is not removed, the vacuum pump will work abnormally, which will seriously cause the vacuum pump to be burned. Vacuum pumps in power plants often require cooling water to cool the pumps so they can run properly. At this time, you can choose to install LNEYA chiller as the cooling water supply equipment.

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The following points should be paid attention to when selecting models:

1. Vacuum pump model and displacement: Vacuum pumps of different models and displacements require different cooling water flow rates and temperatures, so it is necessary to select a suitable chiller according to actual needs.

2. Temperature and quality requirements of cooling water: Different vacuum pumps have different requirements on the temperature and quality of cooling water, so it is necessary to choose a chiller that meets the requirements.

3. Reliability and durability: Since the vacuum pump is one of the key equipment in the power plant, the selected chiller also needs to have high reliability and durability to ensure the stable operation and long-term use of the system.

4. Economy: In addition to the above factors, economic factors such as the cost, energy consumption, and maintenance costs of the chiller need to be considered to choose an economical and practical chiller.

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