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How to use a cooling chiller?

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How to use a cooling chiller?

A FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers is a common device used to reduce the temperature of objects or the environment. Here are some basic points to use a cooling cooler to help you use it correctly:


1. Installation location: Choose a well ventilated area to place the cooling cooler away from flammable materials and humid environments. Ensure that there is sufficient space around the cooling cooler for air circulation.

2. Power connection: Insert the cooling cooler plug into a suitable power outlet and ensure that the power cord is not damaged. Check whether the plug and power cord are working properly before use.

3. Water tank filling: According to the instructions of the cooling cooler, add an appropriate amount of clean water or coolant to the water tank. Make sure not to exceed the recommended water level.


4. Temperature setting: Adjust the temperature controller on the cooling cooler according to your needs. At the beginning, set the temperature to a lower level and gradually adjust as needed.

5. Fan speed: Cooling coolers are usually equipped with different fan speed settings. Choose an appropriate fan speed based on environmental temperature and comfort requirements.

6. Usage time: According to the instructions for using the cooling cooler, control the usage time reasonably. Long term continuous use may lead to excessive energy consumption or equipment overheating.

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7. Cleaning and maintenance: Regularly clean the cooling cooler to ensure its normal operation. Turn off the power and wipe the shell and surface with a damp cloth. Regularly check the filter of the cooling cooler and replace it as needed.

8. Safety precautions: When using the cooling cooler, please ensure to follow the safety operation guidelines and instructions. Do not insert objects or fingers into the air inlet or outlet of the cooling cooler.

Please remember, these are only basic usage guidelines. Ensure to read and follow the instructions for using the cooling cooler to ensure safe and effective use.

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