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How to test the 30 ton chiller before leaving the factory?

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How to test the 30 ton chiller before leaving the factory?

Current detection of refrigerator

When the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is running, it can detect the amount of current in the circulating pump of the refrigeration unit, and the manufacturer can also judge whether the change of the amount of current is too large or too small, so as to facilitate the manufacturer’s access to the water system;


Hydrostatic pressure detection

The water output and the pressure value of the inlet pipe of the industrial refrigerator are also very important. The manufacturer and customer can judge whether the operation of the refrigeration unit is normal by the water output, and can determine which hose pressure value is slightly higher, which is convenient for repair;

Air conditioning copper pipe deep suction temperature detection

After running the industrial refrigerator for about half an hour, if the deep suction temperature of the compressor is less than 0 ℃, it means that the water output in the heat exchanger does not reach a fixed value, which is easy to cause the volatility to drop.

1. Tips for using water chillers.


Reducing the condensation temperature of industrial chillers is an important way to improve the cooling efficiency of industrial chillers. On the premise of meeting the operation and installation of industrial water chillers and the refrigeration requirements, try to increase the evaporation temperature and reduce the condensation temperature.

For example, when installing water-cooled industrial water chillers, there should be a certain amount of surplus in the selection of supporting industrial cooling towers. At the same time, the operation of pipeline water pumps and cooling towers should be comprehensively considered, and the transformation of the original cooling tower circulating water system should be increased to ensure the cooling efficiency of cooling water.

2. Two-stage refrigeration cycle system of water chiller.


The two-stage refrigeration cycle is developed on the basis of the single-stage refrigeration cycle. Its compression process is carried out in two stages. The refrigerant steam from the evaporator first enters the low-pressure stage cylinder to compress to the intermediate pressure, then enters the high-pressure stage cylinder after intermediate cooling, and then enters the condenser after compression to the condensing pressure.

When the evaporation temperature is between – 25 ℃ and – 50 ℃, the two-stage compressor shall be used for refrigeration. The refrigeration system is composed of evaporator, two-stage compressor, oil separator, condenser, intercooler, ammonia storage tank, ammonia liquid separator, throttle valve and other auxiliary equipment, which are connected into a closed system through pipes.

Among them, the intercooler uses a small amount of liquid refrigerant to vaporize and absorb heat under intermediate pressure to cool the superheated steam discharged from the low-pressure stage, reduce the suction temperature of the high-pressure stage, and also cool the high-pressure liquid refrigerant.

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