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How to solve the burning problem of the water pump of the medical chillers?

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How to solve the burning problem of the water pump of the medical chillers?

1. The water pump is burnt out due to the unstable voltage supply. It is recommended that the customer install a voltage stabilizer to prevent the phenomenon of burning out.

2. The water leakage of the GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators will also cause the water pump to burn out, so the power should be turned off and the water leakage fault should be checked.


3. Understand the voltage. The medical refrigerator is equipped with the voltage and power suitable for the industrial chiller.

4. If the water pump circuit board is burnt out, these problems can only be solved by replacing a new water pump.

The chemical cleaning of the condenser of the water chiller is mainly to use the cleaning solution. First, use the acid solution to clean, then use the alkali-soluble refrigeration equipment solution to neutralize and clean, and use clean water to wash the acid-base solution.

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1. The circulating pump and pipeline can be connected between the cleaning tank and the condenser to form a circuit to circulate the cleaning solution for 12-24 hours, dissolve the sediment and fall off.

2. The cleaning solution can be added to the cooling water system in a certain proportion, and the cooling pump can be turned on for 12-24 hours. The sediment layer will be dissolved and shed off continuously through the chemical washing of the cleaning solution. However, this method requires a large amount of cleaning agent, and the cost is high.


3. Mix the cleaning solution in a certain proportion, and put it in the condenser for 5-10H to soften the sediment, dissolve it, discharge the cleaning solution, and wash it with clean water.

Precautions for water chiller failure:

Before removing the above faults of the water chiller and industrial water chiller, check whether the power connection lines are disconnected, damaged, short circuited, etc., to avoid unnecessary trouble during maintenance.

When the machine breaks down, professional personnel should be invited to check and repair the machine. It is forbidden to start the machine forcibly when the machine is in trouble.

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