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How to Repair the Compressor of an Industrial Chiller?

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How to Repair the Compressor of an Industrial Chiller?


1. The purpose of overhauling the compressor

In the process of using the piston refrigeration compressor of the industrial chiller, in addition to correct and reasonable operation and adjustment, regular maintenance and repair work must be done to ensure that the chiller is in a good operating state. Usually, the normal operation of a piston refrigeration compressor mainly depends on the following factors:

(1) During normal operation, the lubrication system of the refrigeration compressor should be smooth, and the oil pressure, oil resistance, oil surface and oil quality basin should meet the regulations. The changes of parameters such as suction and discharge pressure of the refrigeration compressor should meet the requirements of normal working conditions.

(2) The installation, repair and maintenance work should ensure that the assembly, geometric accuracy, wear degree and manufacturing of each operating part of the refrigeration compressor meet the specified technical requirements, so that the refrigeration compressor has good gas transmission performance.

From the above factors of the chiller, operation and maintenance should be organically combined. Problems that cannot be solved by operation adjustment while the machine is running. The purpose of the overhaul is to check the wear or damage of the parts by disassembling, cleaning and testing the parts of the machine, and to restore the geometry, size and good operation performance of the parts by repairing or replacing the parts, so as to ensure the compressor’s performance. normal operation and prolong the life of the machine.

2. Contents of compressor maintenance

(1) Personnel preparation

In order to cultivate the responsibility and technical skills of refrigeration operators, simple maintenance of refrigeration compressors is generally completed by refrigeration maintenance workers and operators. Moderate maintenance is carried out by the maintenance squad leader, who organizes refrigeration maintenance workers to carry out maintenance. The large-scale maintenance of the machine requires the cooperation of multiple types of personnel, and the unit leaders should be in charge in charge, with the participation of professional and technical personnel, to reasonably organize and deploy the maintenance operators, and implement division of responsibilities, so that the maintenance of the machine can be carried out in an orderly manner.

(2) Preparation of maintenance tools

Various maintenance tools and equipment should be prepared, such as lifting bolts, socket wrenches, adjustable wrenches, hacksaws, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers and pipe wrenches and other common pliers. In addition, feeler gauges, vernier calipers, outer diameter dial gauges, dial indicators, calipers, frame level gauges and other side-filling instruments and tools should be prepared.

(3) Preparation of wearing parts and maintenance materials

Various wearing parts of chillers and other machines should be prepared, such as valve plates, valve springs, piston rings, connecting rod bolts, small end bushings, piston pins, main bearings, shaft seal rings, rubber seals, Gaskets, packing, pistons and cylinder liners, etc.

Prepare all kinds of auxiliary materials required for maintenance, such as gauze, gasoline, kerosene, refrigeration oil, oil pan, fine sandpaper, abrasive paper and oil stone. Gasoline, kerosene and other flammable materials used for cleaning machine parts should be kept carefully, and it is forbidden to be close to open flames to prevent fire.

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