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How to Reduce the Production Cost of Refrigeration and Heating Cycle Machines?

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How to Reduce the Production Cost of Refrigeration and Heating Cycle Machines?


The refrigeration and heating cycle machine realizes refrigeration and heating through a single device. LNEYA products are suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and are equipped with glass reactors, metal reactors, and bioreactors for temperature and constant temperature control.

1. In the field of chemistry and pharmacy, temperature control equipment usually controls the temperature together with the chemical reaction of the material itself. Through the temperature change of the circulating medium in the sheath or coil, the temperature control of the material can be achieved, and the target process temperature of the material can be controlled.

2. The cascade compression refrigeration cycle of the refrigeration unit can reach a lower temperature, and the heating adopts electric heating, which can quickly increase the temperature of the circulating medium.

3. The combined control of heating and cooling achieves a fast response to the absorption or release of heat by the material.

4. The control of material temperature is mainly realized by refrigerant flow control, and the refrigerant proportional control valve adopts the valve body of electronic expansion valve. Higher temperature control accuracy can be achieved.

5. Temperature control consists of refrigeration cycle system, heating cycle system and automatic control system. For areas where the equipment has explosion-proof requirements, a positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet can be customized, which not only meets the explosion-proof requirements, but also reduces the number of explosion-proof components and reduces the production cost of the equipment.

6. The automatic control system can monitor common faults in electrical equipment and routes during operation, and the current (or working voltage) will exceed the allowable working range and limits of equipment and routes, check common fault data signals, and automatically adjust equipment and routes. route (short circuit, power switch, etc.).

7. The low-voltage and high-current switch cabinet has a large volume, and the computer operating system is commonly used in automatic switches, especially when there is a common fault, the power switch needs to disconnect the power circuit.

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