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How to prevent damage to the cold water chiller?

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How to prevent damage to the cold water chiller?

1) Reduce the linear speed of shell side. When the flow cannot be changed, the pipe center distance can be increased or the shell diameter can be increased.

2) The effective way to increase the natural frequency of the pipe is to shorten the maximum unsupported span length of the pipe or change the pipe material to increase the wall thickness, but the effect is not as significant as that of method 1).

3) Changing the form of baffles or using baffles can also change the arrangement of tubes on the premise of satisfying heat transfer and pressure drop.

4) When the nozzle vibrates, the diameter of the nozzle can be increased.

Low-pressure treatment method for insufficient refrigerant: when the water temperature is above 5 ℃ and the pressure of the low-pressure gauge is lower than 2k g/cm2, it means that the refrigerant is insufficient. First, make up the leakage at the place where the refrigerant is leaked, then replace the drying filter and vacuumize again, and fill the appropriate refrigerant.

When it is found that the leaked refrigerant is partially immersed in water, please stop the operation of the refrigerator immediately, drain the water in the water tank quickly, and repair it as soon as possible, so as to prevent the compressor from sucking water into the system and causing more serious damage.

Add solid acid cleaning agent to clean the scale with calcium carbonate scale as the main component. The cleaning agent is a compound solid organic acid, white crystal, non-corrosive to metal, and weak acid; The amount of cleaning agent depends on the amount of equipment scaling.

1. How to stop the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers?

1) Just switch the unit ON/OFF toggle switch on the keyboard to the OFF position to stop the unit.

2) In order to avoid damaging the display of the cooling water circulator, it is not necessary to cut off the power supply of the unit even when the unit is shut down.

2. What are the selection conditions of cold water cooler?

The speed of gas passing through the cross section of the intercooler shall meet the requirements of gas-liquid separation. Generally, the flow rate is not greater than 0.5~0.8m/s.

The heat transfer area shall meet the requirements of supercooling of liquid refrigerant, and the flow rate of liquid in the coil shall not be greater than 0.4~0.4 m/s.

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