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How to operate the chiller for laboratory safely?

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How to operate the chiller for laboratory safely?

FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers is an indispensable and important equipment in various production processes.

Operators are familiar with and master the common production processes and main operation principles of the cooler in the production process, which is the basis for the correct operation of the cooler.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the cooler, the following points are also required:

(1) Where the cooler needs to be registered, the user shall go through the registration formalities with the municipal or district special equipment safety supervision and management department before or within 30 days after the equipment is put into operation.

(2) The cooler must be inspected regularly as required to ensure that the container is used within the valid inspection period, otherwise it cannot be used again.

(3) The cooler operators shall be assessed by the special equipment safety supervision and management department according to the relevant national regulations, and can only be engaged in the corresponding operation of the cooler after obtaining the certificate of special operators in the unified national format.

(4) Cooler operators shall strictly abide by safety operation regulations and relevant safety rules and regulations to ensure smooth operation. Overtemperature and overpressure operation are strictly prohibited.

(5) Operators are required to strengthen patrol inspection (including process conditions, vessel conditions, safety devices, etc.) During cooler/operation, take corresponding measures to adjust or eliminate any abnormal situation immediately to avoid deterioration;

In case of any container fault or problem, it shall be handled immediately and reported to the relevant person in charge of the unit in time.

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