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How to operate industrial chiller more safely?

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How to operate industrial chiller more safely?

An FL +5°C ~ +35°C Water Chillers is a device used to reduce the heat generated by machinery or industrial processes. Here are some suggestions to ensure the safe operation of industrial coolers:


1. Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect various components of the industrial cooler, such as the water level of the coolant, the operation of the pump, and the normal operation of the fan. Ensure the normal operation of the industrial cooler to avoid malfunctions or leaks.

2. Follow the operating manual: carefully read and understand the operating manual of the industrial cooler, and operate according to the instructions in the manual. The operation manual usually contains recommendations and precautions for safe operation.


3. Correct operation of switches and valves: Before operating the industrial cooler, ensure that all switches and valves are in the correct positions. Open or close the corresponding valves as needed to ensure the flow and circulation of the coolant.

4. Keep clean and tidy: Keep the working area around the industrial cooler clean and tidy to avoid debris accumulation or obstacles to the normal operation of the industrial cooler. Regularly clean the external surface of industrial coolers to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt.

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5. Proper maintenance: Regularly clean and replace the coolant to ensure the normal operation of the industrial cooler. According to the requirements of industrial coolers, regularly inspect and replace filter screens, clean cooling towers and other components.

6. Training and education: Ensure that operators have received relevant training and education, understand the operating procedures and safety precautions of industrial coolers. It is recommended to conduct regular training updates to maintain the safety awareness and skills of operators.

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