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How to Improve the Cooling Effect of the Chiller?

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How to Improve the Cooling Effect of the Chiller?


The chiller sometimes has poor cooling effect under normal working conditions, and the cooling temperature cannot reach our expected effect. What are the reasons for the poor cooling of the chiller? How can we solve this problem? Based on the current high ambient temperature and the lack of regular maintenance of the chiller, its cooling effect will definitely be greatly reduced. According to our years of experience, it is not difficult to eliminate this phenomenon, we just need to find The main reason for the accumulation of frost in the return pipe and compressor, and then solve the problem symptomatically.

When the cooling effect of the chiller is not good, it is mainly because the return pipe and the compressor casing are frosted, which affects the cooling effect of the chiller. However, the main reasons for the frost accumulation in the return pipe and the compressor are:

1. There is a lot of dust on the surface of the compressor, which causes the compressor to dissipate heat slowly and indirectly affects the cooling effect;

2. The refrigerant leaks or is insufficient, resulting in a decrease in the cooling effect of the chiller;

3. The accumulation of debris or sludge in the evaporator causes the flow rate to slow down, thereby affecting the evaporation and condensation capacity and reducing the cooling effect;

4. The V-shaped aluminum condenser has a lot of dust, which affects the heat dissipation effect;

5. The installation of the chiller has poor heat dissipation;

6. The equipped unit is running at full load, and the ambient temperature rises, resulting in insufficient cooling power and thus affecting the cooling effect.

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