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How to handle the high and low pressure alarm of water cooled industrial chiller?

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How to handle the high and low pressure alarm of water cooled industrial chiller?

The high and low pressure alarm of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers generally refers to a problem with the high and low pressure of the refrigerant.


The high pressure alarm of the water chiller is usually caused by high ambient temperature of the water chiller or serious dust accumulation in the cabinet. It is necessary to improve the ventilation environment of the water chiller, ensure that the operating environment of the water chiller is below 40 degrees Celsius, and regularly remove the dust screen for cleaning;

Or it is obvious that the condenser has poor heat dissipation, resulting in an increase in exhaust temperature and pressure. If the pipe temperature sensor exceeds the protection temperature controller, it will shut down for protection- Generally, the cooling fins of the condenser are dirty. Cleaning the cooling fins will fix it.

1. Frequent start and stop of water chiller

Frequent starting and stopping of the compressor may be due to low oil level, leading to an alarm.

Solution: Add refrigerant oil and check whether the compressor has oil leakage.


2. Dirty and blocked water cooler pipeline

Dirty and blocked pipelines in the chiller system can cause cooling water or refrigerant oil to not return to the compressor normally, leading to an alarm.

Solution: Clean the system pipeline, and if necessary, contact the industrial cooling manifold for solution.

Low cooling water flow or not opened

Low or unopened cooling water flow of the chiller can cause frequent loading/unloading start/stop actions and alarms on the compressor.

Solution: Open the water valve, if the cooling water flow is still low, and check whether the pipeline is dirty or blocked.

4. Excessive refrigerant


Excessive refrigerant in the water chiller can cause excessive exhaust temperature, and an alarm may also occur to protect the compressor from running.

Solution: The refrigerant should be treated by a professional engineer, and users are not recommended to discharge it privately.

Poor condenser heat dissipation

Poor heat dissipation of the chiller condenser can also cause an alarm for excessive exhaust pressure.

Solution: Check and clean the dust on the surface of the condenser, and clean the copper tubes of the condenser.

6. Excessive opening of expansion valve

Excessive opening of the expansion valve of the chiller can lead to high refrigerant flow and reduced superheat.

Solution: Reduce the opening degree of the expansion valve appropriately, stop the machine and check the cause before restarting. You can also contact Gonglenghui for a solution.

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