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How to Effectively Deal with the Noise Problem of Small Laboratory Chillers?

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How to Effectively Deal with the Noise Problem of Small Laboratory Chillers?


The laboratory is a place for doing scientific research experiments, and researchers need a very quiet environment without interference during the operation and use. Therefore, the excessive noise of small laboratory chillers is a problem that many chiller manufacturers need to solve. Providing a chiller equipment with reliable quality and quiet and stable operation can make the laboratory environment free from any noise interference.

The noise problems of small laboratory chillers mainly include the following:

small laboratory chiller

1. The noise of the fan;

2. The noise of the water circulation pump;

3. The noise of the compressor;

4. The noise of the chassis;

5. Noise caused by foreign objects.

According to the above problems, the chiller manufacturing plant needs to do the following:

1. Choose high-quality silent fans and high-quality circulating pumps;

2. Choose imported brand compressors;

3. When assembling accessories, shockproof and reinforcement shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements;

4. The material and thickness of the chassis are affected, and the thickness of the material should be selected according to the requirements, and the vibration relief and reinforcement treatment should be performed;

5. Regularly maintain and clean the equipment.

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