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How to deal with the problem of insufficient flow of the 5 ton chiller?

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How to deal with the problem of insufficient flow of the 5 ton chiller?

If the water flow of the LJ -45°C ~ -10°C Low Temperature Refrigeration Chillers is insufficient, it can be divided into two situations. First of all, the lack of water flow is starting to be used because the selection of water cooling pump does not match (because some lasers have strict requirements on water flow and head or cooling water path, which is too thin), and it is necessary to replace the high-power pump.


Secondly, the original host can operate normally, but there is a sudden lack of water flow, which may be due to pump failure or water blockage.

At this time, colida water chiller suggested that the customer can open the water pipe and use the air gun to open the water pipe, and then connect it to investigate whether the water chiller can operate normally. If the water chiller operates normally, this is because if the water is blocked.

The water flow of the chiller is still lacking, because the water pump of the chiller is broken, which will be a new one. Able to use a pump.

How to use the 1.5 ton water chiller?


A. Power on the unit for not less than 12 hours before starting.

B. Start sequence of air-cooled unit: start the chilled water pump → start the unit.

C. Start sequence of water cooling unit: start the freezing water pump → start the cooling water pump → start the compressor.

D. Air-cooled unit shutdown sequence: shut down the unit → shut down the chilled water pump.

E. Shutdown sequence of water cooling unit: close the compressor → close the cooling tower → close the cooling water → close the freezing water pump.


The 2.5t water chiller needs to be prepared before starting.

Check whether the unit power connection is proper

Turn on the water in the system first, and then turn on the chiller.

Whether there is any abnormity around the unit.

The water tank and condenser of the chiller must be filled with water. Do not operate without water.

Check whether the cooling (cooling) water valve has been opened, whether the water tank is in standby state, and whether the cooling pump has been commissioned *.

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