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How to Deal with the High Temperature of the Water Discharged from the Chiller?

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How to Deal with the High Temperature of the Water Discharged from the Chiller?


The exhaust temperature of the compressor in the chiller determines whether the equipment can operate stably and effectively. The problem that the compressor is prone to is that the exhaust temperature is too high. Once this happens, it is easy to cause the chiller to generate too much. The pressure and temperature increase, the load is too high, the working efficiency of the compressor is reduced, the cooling capacity and other consequences will also cause various other problems. So what causes the chiller exhaust temperature to be too high?

First, the compression rate is too high.

The size of the compression ratio of the chiller has a great influence on the exhaust temperature. With the increase of the compression ratio, the exhaust temperature increases. A reduction in the compression ratio can significantly reduce the exhaust temperature by increasing the suction pressure and reducing the exhaust pressure.

Suction pressure is determined by evaporative pressure and suction line resistance. Increasing the evaporation temperature can effectively increase the suction pressure, quickly reduce the compression ratio, and reduce the exhaust temperature; reducing the resistance of the return air pipeline can also increase the return air pressure. The specific methods include replacing the dirty return air filter in time to minimize the Evaporation pipe and return pipe length, etc.

In addition, the lack of refrigerant is also one of the reasons for the decrease in suction pressure.

The main reason for the high exhaust air pressure is that the condensation pressure is too large. Improper condenser heat dissipation area, fouling, insufficient cold air or water volume, cooling water or air temperature, etc. can lead to excessive condensation pressure. Proper condensation area and maintaining adequate cooling medium flow are critical.

Second, the return air temperature is high.

The return air temperature is related to the evaporation temperature. In order to prevent liquid backflow, the general return gas pipe requires the return gas superheat temperature to be 20°C. If the pipeline is poorly insulated, the overheating is much greater than 20 °C.

The higher the return air temperature, the higher the intake temperature and exhaust temperature of the cylinder. For every 1°C increase in the return air temperature, the exhaust temperature will increase by 1~1.3°C.

The third is motor heating.

For a return-air cooled refrigeration compressor, the snow vapor is heated by the electric motor as it flows through the cavity of the electric motor, and the suction temperature of the cylinder rises again. The heat generation of the motor is affected by power and efficiency, and the power consumption is closely related to displacement, volumetric efficiency, working conditions, and frictional resistance.

For air-return semi-hermetic compressors, the temperature rise range of the refrigerant in the motor cavity is about 15~45°C. The cooling and heating of the air-cooled compressor does not pass through the winding, so there is no motor heating problem.

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