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How to deal with the deterioration of the 200 ton chiller refrigeration oil?

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How to deal with the deterioration of the 200 ton chiller refrigeration oil?

Firstly, it is important to understand why the refrigeration oil deteriorates. The main reasons for deterioration:

(1) Mix with water.

Due to the infiltration of air into the refrigeration system, the moisture in the air comes into contact and mixes with the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers refrigeration oil; When there is a large amount of water in the refrigerant, water will also mix into the refrigeration oil. When water is mixed in the refrigerant oil, the viscosity decreases, causing corrosion to the metal. In the Freon refrigeration system, it will also cause “ice jam” phenomenon;


(2) Oxidation.

During the use of refrigeration oil, when the compressor exhaust temperature is high, it may cause oxidation and deterioration, especially refrigeration oil with poor chemical stability is more prone to deterioration. After a period of time, residues will form in the refrigerant oil, which will worsen the lubrication of the bearings. Mix organic fillers, mechanical impurities, etc. Becoming refrigerant oil will also accelerate its aging or oxidation;

(3) Refrigeration oil is a mixture of several different brands of refrigeration oil.

At this point, the viscosity of the refrigeration oil will decrease, and even damage the formation of the oil film and the bearings; If two types of refrigeration oil contain antioxidant additives with different properties, mixing them together may cause chemical changes, form precipitates, and affect the lubrication of the compressor. So be careful when using.


2. There are impurities in the refrigerant oil.

How to determine if the refrigeration oil has deteriorated?

High quality frozen lubricating oil is pure and appears as a light yellow or colorless transparent liquid.

The color of the refrigerant lubricating oil used by the compressor for a period of time will gradually darken, and the transparency will gradually deteriorate, leading to deterioration. The cooling and lubrication effect of deteriorated refrigeration lubricating oil will become very poor, and carbides will be generated during the operation of the compressor, which can easily cause dirt and blockage in the refrigeration system.


3. Refrigerant oil filling method.

Close the suction shut-off valve, start the compressor for a few minutes, and discharge the refrigerant from the crankcase into the condenser, creating a vacuum in the crankcase. After stopping, immediately close the exhaust shut-off valve and slowly rotate the bypass hole bolt of the exhaust shut-off valve to exhaust the remaining air in the high-pressure chamber. Rotate the bypass hole bolt of the suction stop valve, install the tapered joint and copper pipe.

Prepare lubricating oil. Press the oil suction pipe opening with your fingers and start the compressor to extract the air from the crankcase. If liquid hammer phenomenon is found, keep the compressor running for 2-3 minutes to create a vacuum in the crankcase. Stop when the fingers at the pipe mouth feel strong suction.

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