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How to Control the Liquid Level of the Chiller?

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How to Control the Liquid Level of the Chiller?


In industrial production, industrial chillers play a great role in cooling, especially industrial refrigeration and large chillers. The evaporators of large refrigeration equipment generally use flooded evaporators. It has high heat transfer energy, easy to achieve stable operation of the device, and easy cooling distribution. Especially the chiller mostly uses this kind of evaporator. How to adjust the liquid supply of the flooded evaporator is an important part of refrigeration equipment such as chillers.

The adjustment of the liquid supply of the chiller cannot use the superheat as a detection parameter (because no matter how the load changes, the outlet is always saturated with gas). By adjusting the liquid supply, the control liquid level is maintained in the specified range, so that the refrigeration temperature can meet the set requirements. If the amount of liquid supplied by the chiller is less than the amount of gas drawn from the evaporator, the liquid level of the refrigerant will drop.

For refrigeration equipment such as chillers that use flooded evaporators, the refrigeration system is equipped with equipment with free liquid surface, and it is required to maintain a specified liquid level inside the container to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration device of the chiller. Such as maintaining the refrigeration liquid level in the intercooler, low-pressure circulating fluid tank and other containers, in the oil system, it is necessary to control the oil level in the oil separator, oil collector and crankcase, and control the oil discharge and refueling according to the oil level, these All belong to the category of liquid level control.

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