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How to choose an air-cooled chiller?

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How to buy an air-cooled chiller is a very difficult thing for first-time users. The models of chillers are different, so there are also many parameters and specifications, especially for the purchase of details. It is difficult for customers who do not know much about chillers to make the right choice. LNEYA refrigeration manufacturer will explain to you from the perspective of sales staff, how to choose the air-cooled chiller.

As a purchaser, you must know what functions you need when purchasing equipment. You also need to know how the air-cooled chiller works, what components it consists of, and what data to provide to the chiller manufacturer when you first buy it. In general, as long as you provide data, the chiller supplier will recommend a suitable chiller for you based on the product parameters you provide.

In addition, customers need to choose whether to use an air-cooled box chiller or an air-cooled screw chiller according to the cooling power. If the general specification is below 30hp, an air-cooled box-type chiller will be selected. 30hp or more can be selected according to the customer’s wishes, but it is recommended to use an air-cooled screw chiller for more than 50hp, which is more economical and energy-saving.

The air-cooled box-type chiller has a built-in water tank, and the evaporator is directly coiled inside the water tank. If your factory has a water tank or sink, then the chiller is different, and the evaporator also needs to be a shell and tube type. The air-cooled screw chiller must be equipped with an external water tank, and it can also be an integrated machine.

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