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How often is an air cooled industrial chiller cleaned?

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How often is an air cooled industrial chiller cleaned?

1.After a period of normal operation, GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators require full protection and maintenance. For many companies, due to their lack of maintenance awareness, there has been a lack of effective maintenance for air-cooled industrial refrigerators after a long period of use.

If there is a lack of necessary maintenance and protection for air-cooled industrial refrigerators, it means that the late operation failure rate of air-cooled industrial refrigerators is very high.

Even if the overall operation quality of air-cooled industrial refrigerators is high, if no protection and maintenance are carried out within the specified time, then air-cooled industrial refrigerators may exhibit varying degrees of problems.

Especially regarding many air-cooled industrial refrigerators, large-scale scale scaling may occur after long-term operation. If scale cannot be effectively cleaned, the scale of scale will continue to expand through long-term accumulation, directly affecting the heat dissipation effect of industrial air-cooled industrial refrigerators.

Operating air-cooled industrial refrigerators while their heat dissipation function is affected seriously affects the stable operation of air-cooled industrial refrigerators due to the large-scale addition of energy consumed during equipment operation.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of air-cooled industrial refrigerators, it is necessary to thoroughly clean them after six months of operation.

Especially regarding the location where dirt is prone to occur, as a key requirement for cleaning, we rely on various professional cleaning solvents to achieve excellent cleaning effects. We adhere to the principle that air-cooled industrial refrigerators have higher heat dissipation functions, and establish a permanent and unchanging environment for the company in a shorter period of time, improving the overall work efficiency of the company.

If the frequency of use of air-cooled industrial refrigerators is high and the environment is harsh, in order to reduce the probability of various problems in industrial air-cooled industrial refrigerators, the cleaning time can be shortened to once every three months.

As long as there are doubts about energy consumption and other issues, all cleaning and protection maintenance can be carried out for industrial air-cooled industrial refrigerators. Proper cleaning and maintenance protection can extend the service life of air-cooled industrial refrigerators and prevent various problems from affecting the safe operation of industrial air-cooled industrial refrigerators.

2.If you want to clean the chiller, you must first disassemble it because the parts to be cleaned are not easily visible inside the body. The various parts of the chiller intersect with each other, and the circuit is complex, making disassembly difficult. This is to understand the overall structure of the chiller.

3.After disassembling in the previous step, find the direction of the condenser water inlet, connect it to the water inlet or outlet of the water pump, and then use a tool to heat the pipe.

4.After ensuring that each step is completed and the pipeline is connected, clean with clean water about twenty times first, and then drain the sewage, repeating three times. After the cleaning is completed, the most important dosing cleaning is completed. Of course, its pH value must be guaranteed between 4-5 and maintained for 2-3 hours. Finally, eliminate the medication and rinse the remaining medication to maintain a pH of 6.5.

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