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How do air cooled chiller manufacturers operate safely?

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How do air cooled chiller manufacturers operate safely?

Please check whether the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers is damaged during installation and select a suitable place for installation and future maintenance

The installation site of air-cooled water chiller must be the floor, installation pad or foundation, with its levelness within 6.42mm, and can bear the operating weight of the unit

The air-cooled water chiller should be placed in the machine room with a room temperature of 4.43-43.3 ℃. There should be enough space around and above the unit for daily maintenance

At one end of the air-cooled water chiller, a space for cleaning the condenser tube bundle shall be reserved, and the door opening or other suitable openings can also be used

Select the water pipe with proper diameter, cooling system and cold water system when the unit operates at maximum power, and connect them correctly

For ordinary applications, the water flow velocity through the evaporator and condenser is allowed to be between 1.1-3.7m/s

The water flow shall be stable under any load

Principle of air-cooled water chiller?

Compression process: after the refrigerant steam in the evaporator is absorbed by the screw compressor, the motor applies energy to it through the compressor rotor, so that the pressure of the refrigerant steam increases and enters the condenser; At the same time, the temperature of refrigerant steam also increases at the end of compression.

Condensation process: the high pressure and high temperature refrigerant steam from the compressor releases heat through the cooling water in the condenser, and the temperature decreases.

At the same time, it condenses into liquid under the saturation pressure (the condensation pressure corresponding to the condensation temperature).

At this time, the temperature of the cooling water will rise because it absorbs heat from the refrigerant steam. The temperature of cooling water is directly related to the condensation temperature (condensation pressure).

Throttling process: When the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant liquid from the bottom of the condenser flows through the throttling device, it will undergo decompression expansion, and the pressure and temperature will decrease, and it will become low pressure and low temperature liquid and enter the evaporator.

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