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How can a cryo chiller avoid corrosion?

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How can a cryo chiller avoid corrosion?

Why does corrosion occur?

The main reason that affects the service life of GX/GY -65°C ~ -10°C Industrial Refrigerators is due to serious corrosion issues in the equipment. If the environment used is harsh and there are many acidic substances, it will inevitably lead to various corrosion of the low-temperature freezer. Once an accident occurs, as long as key parts are involved, various faults will occur in the low-temperature freezer, affecting its normal operation.


2. Hazards of corrosion in refrigerators:

Acidic chemicals can easily cause damage to the appearance and internal structure of the internal components of the chiller. Especially in humid environments, if acidic substances are not treated for a short period of time, they can cause serious corrosion problems on the surface of low-temperature refrigerators.

If surface corrosion is not controlled, the corrosion range will continue to expand until it affects the normal operation of the equipment.

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In order to avoid the occurrence of corrosion faults, it is necessary to conduct regular and comprehensive cleaning of industrial chillers.

Even in environments with high acidity, as long as the industrial chiller is regularly cleaned, acidic substances will not cause malfunctions in the chiller. If the surface and internal acid-base balance standards can be achieved, it will not affect the normal operation of industrial refrigerators.

Providing a suitable operating environment is crucial. The use of industrial refrigerators in harsh working environments is inevitably affected by various corrosive substances.

In order to better complete the entire production process and ensure that the acidity and alkalinity of the operating environment meet the equipment operating standards, various acidic substances can be avoided from affecting the operation of industrial refrigerators.


If the environment is acidic, it is necessary to regularly clean the industrial cooling water unit comprehensively.

It can ensure that the external and internal acid-base standards of the industrial chiller meet the standard of pH equal to 7, so that the industrial chiller can operate in a medium capacity operating environment without affecting the service life of the industrial chiller due to high acidity, and even causing a large number of failures.

Maintaining an acid-base balance in the environment is beneficial for improving the efficiency of industrial chillers and reducing the impact of various faults on their working range.

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