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hot water recirculating system

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Hot water recirculating system is a kind of heating equipment. The unit is composed of four parts: heating device, cooling system, conveying system and control system. Its scope of application has been widely developed, and it is widely used in chemical reactors and other industries.

The hot water recirculating system can be based on the difference of the heat transfer medium or the actual use temperature. The working principle is that the pump drives the heat transfer medium from the water tank with built-in heater and cooler to the equipment that needs temperature control, and then returns from the equipment to the water tank. . The controller adjusts the temperature of the thermal fluid according to the temperature of the thermal fluid measured by the temperature sensor so as to adjust the temperature required by the equipment. If the temperature is lower than the set value, the control system will turn on the heater for heating, if it is higher than the set value, it will open the cooling solenoid valve and turn on the cooling water until the temperature reaches the set value.

The hot water recirculating system mainly controls the temperature of the equipment that needs to be heated by heating the heat transfer medium to the working temperature and keeping the temperature constant at the working temperature. The difference in temperature will affect the surface quality, fluidity, shrinkage, etc. of the product. , a constant temperature can improve the quality of the product.

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It should be noted that enterprises must follow the following important principles in the process of using or replacing the refrigerant of the hot water recirculating system.

1. The concentration should be as low as possible. Because it is corrosive to a certain extent, the lower the concentration, the safer it is when the performance of the hot water recirculating system is met.

2. The shorter the time used, the better. Any substance has a certain time limit. For example, if the refrigerant is used for a long time, it will deteriorate. After deterioration, the refrigerant will be more corrosive and its viscosity will change. In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the hot water recirculating system, the Be sure to pay attention to regular replacement.

3. Do not mix refrigerants of different brands. When each manufacturer produces refrigerants, they use different ingredients and different additive formulas. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to mix different types of antifreeze fluids of different brands to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or air bubbles, which will affect hot water recirculating. The stable operation of the system.

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