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Heating Circulator for Laboratory and Industry

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UC series heating circulator uses heat conduction oil (or silicone oil) as heat transfer medium, and the heat transfer medium is forced to circulate through the built-in high-temperature oil pump. The heat transfer medium absorbs heat from the electric heating element and transfers it to the heat-consuming equipment. It can be used for process control under various high temperature conditions and various temperature changes, such as various small and medium-sized reactors, small and medium-sized distillation/rectification devices, etc. The difference from other heating circulators is that after the UC series heating circulators are connected with the heat-consuming equipment (such as the jacket of the short-path distiller and the jacket of the reaction kettle), the heat transfer medium runs completely in a closed system, because the redundant The high-temperature heat transfer medium is stored in the built-in expansion tank, and the high-temperature heat transfer medium is not in contact with the air, which greatly increases the service life of the heat transfer medium.

heating circulator

UC series heating circulators have the following performance characteristics:

Compact structure, small size, beautiful appearance

Rapid heating

Large circulation of heat transfer medium

High temperature up to +350℃

Long service life of heat transfer medium

Using SCR intelligent temperature control, high temperature control accuracy

Reliable operation and simple operation

Equipped with a complete safety monitoring device

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