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Heater Cooler Combo

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Typical fields of application for heater cooler combo:

1. Microchannel reaction synthesis temperature control

2. Dynamic temperature control of batch reactor

3. Dynamic constant temperature control of heating and cooling of high pressure reactor

4. Constant temperature control of the distillation system

5. Combined chemical cold and hot dynamic constant temperature control

6. Low-temperature reaction temperature control for metal-organic synthesis

Use and characteristics of heater cooler combo:

1. Wide temperature control range: -120°C ~ +350°C (customizable)

2. Rapid heating or cooling

3. Fully enclosed system

4. The refrigeration heat exchanger adopts brazed plate heat exchanger, which has high heat exchange efficiency

5. Liquid level display

6. Safety protection

7. Provide air-cooled and water-cooled models

8. Data communication function

9. PLC + touch screen control system is intuitive and intelligent

Refrigeration Heating Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry

The principle of the heater cooler combo is similar to that of ordinary air conditioners, both of which use cooling or heating to adjust the indoor temperature. However, compared with traditional air conditioners, heater cooler combo has more diversified functions. For example, it can also purify the air, dehumidify and supply air, etc.

In terms of cooling, the heater cooler combo uses compressor cooling to move heat from indoors to outdoors to lower the indoor temperature. In terms of heating, the inversion of the cooling process is used to move the heat from the outdoors to the indoors to increase the indoor temperature. This method can not only save energy, but also improve efficiency, making the heater cooler combo more practical for heating in winter.

In addition, the heater cooler combo also has the function of purifying the air. It can remove indoor bacteria, viruses, dust and other harmful substances through technologies such as filters and electrostatic fields, making the indoor air fresher. At the same time, the heater cooler combo can also realize the functions of dehumidification and air supply, which further improves its practicality.

Compared with traditional air conditioners, the advantage of the heater cooler combo is that it has more diversified functions. Not only can cooling and heating be realized, but also multiple functions such as air purification, dehumidification and air supply can be realized. This makes the heater cooler combo more suitable for all kinds of environmental conditions, whether it is cold winter or wet rainy season, it can provide fresh air for the home.

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