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General Knowledge of Cooling and Heating Integrated Machines

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General Knowledge of Cooling and Heating Integrated Machines


The all-in-one cooling and heating machine is a temperature control device used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It provides cold or heat sources for reaction kettles and reaction tanks. Generally speaking, the equipment has been debugged before leaving the factory. So what should customers pay attention to when using it?customized chiller

Different manufacturers of cooling and heating integrated machines have different system settings. There are mainly fully enclosed and slotted types. Customers can choose according to their own working conditions. The slotted type is suitable for users who choose constant temperature tanks. The fully enclosed cooling and heating integrated machine is running When operating at high and low temperatures, there is no oil mist and water vapor absorption, so that the heat transfer medium does not come into contact with the air, and the service life of the heat transfer oil is improved.

Instructions for the medium of the refrigeration and heating all-in-one machine: It is necessary to select the appropriate medium according to the equipment. Commonly used mediums include water, oil, salt water, ethylene glycol, and refrigerants. There are many models of refrigeration and heating integrated machines, and the cooling and heating media are different. If the media in the equipment pipeline needs to be replaced frequently, it is very likely that it will remain on the wall of the reactor, and there will be odor during the high and low temperature reaction process. produce. For this reason, if you choose a fully enclosed circulation pipeline, only the heat medium will participate in the circulation to avoid the impact of air entering the system.

Operation and use of refrigeration and heating all-in-one machine: Whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, its installation location needs to keep a certain operating environment around it. When choosing a heat transfer medium, you need to pay attention to its temperature range. When choosing a suitable type of heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium, an unsuitable heat transfer medium will have a certain impact on the equipment, and may even cause damage to the equipment. The parameter settings of the instrument have been debugged before leaving the factory, and then operate and use according to the instruction manual. Pipelines also need to be inspected regularly, and any damage should be replaced in time.

Refrigeration and heating all-in-one machine maintenance and cleaning: After a long period of use, regular maintenance and cleaning work is required. The cleaned and maintained equipment can reduce the occurrence of failures and consumption, so that the equipment can always maintain a proper working condition and effectively improve work efficiency. In addition, some parts may be damaged after long-term use, and need to be checked and replaced in time to avoid affecting the use of the equipment.

In addition to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the integrated refrigeration and heating machine is also used in other industries. Because it involves the temperature range, the working conditions must be accurate. If the model is too large or too small, it will affect the use of the equipment. For detailed model introduction, please feel free to consult us.

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