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Function Introduction of Water-cooled Box Chiller

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Function Introduction of Water-cooled Box Chiller


The water-cooled box-type chiller adopts internationally renowned brand compressors, and is equipped with high-efficiency copper tubes to make condensers, evaporators and world-renowned brand components. It has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, low failure rate, and convenient maintenance.

Features of water-cooled box chiller:

1. The unit has a streamlined and beautiful design, and the operating procedures are clear at a glance;

2. The unit has a built-in stainless steel water tank and a special water pump for high repair capacity;

3. The chiller is equipped with dual refrigeration circuits, even if one circuit fails, the other circuit can operate as usual;

4. Ethylene glycol solution can be used as the coolant, and the outlet temperature of chilled water can be controlled below -15°C;

5. The most advanced scroll or piston compressors in the world, the original components of electrical appliances and refrigeration systems are all world brand products;

6. The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with movable casters, which is flexible and convenient to use;

7. All chillers are inspected and debugged in the factory, and the on-site installation is simple and convenient.

Water-cooled box-type chillers are widely used in: electroplating, plastic machinery, hardware, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, biology, electronics, food preservation, laser engraving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning and other industries.

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