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From what aspects does the industrial chillers for sale start?

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From what aspects does the industrial chillers for sale start?

(1) First, understand and be familiar with the performance and mechanical parameters of the chiller.

The operation manual of the LC -25°C ~ -5°C Low Temperature Chillers, to understand and master the working process of the water chiller, to communicate with the technical personnel of the production of the water chiller, to understand and solve the problems in the use process,

You can learn from other salesmen and absorb all their advantages, so that you can become invincible.

(2) Pay attention to details.

At present, many books are about sales promotion. Basically, they say that salespeople should treat customers positively and positively.

But in fact, many salespeople don’t really understand this point. They think that enthusiasm means smiling and taking the initiative to speak.

This is also wrong. There should be a limit to everything. Too zealous will only bring negative effects. Passion cannot be obtained from external performance. The key lies in the heart.

(3) As a salesperson, he must do this. The main task is to create atmosphere! The scene and atmosphere of communication with customers.

Good atmosphere, able to communicate with customers, think about what customers want and do what customers want.

(4) From my personal experience, some salesmen are not good at observation in sales. When customers have a purchase intention, they do not seize the opportunity and continue to promote their products, which leads to their sales failure.

1. First-level maintenance of industrial water chiller.

① Carry out the maintenance of the electric control part.

② Measure the insulation resistance of the main motor and check whether it meets the value specified by the unit.

③ Check whether the seal between the main motor and the compressor is normal.

④ Check whether the positioning of each safety protection device meets the specified requirements.

⑤ Check whether the action of the water flow protection switch is normal. If the action fails, repair or replace it in time.

⑥ Check the condition of the insulation layer of the evaporator, and repair or replace the damaged layer in time.

2. Secondary maintenance of industrial water chiller.

① Carry out daily maintenance and first-level maintenance.

② Clean the scale on the pipes and cover plates of evaporator and condenser (water treatment part).

③ Replace the oil filter element according to the use.

④ Replace the drying filter according to the use.

⑤ Replace the refrigerant oil according to the oil quality.

⑥ Grease the main motor bearing.

⑦ The surface of the unit shall be derusted and painted.

⑧ Correct the pressure sensor.

⑨ Add or replace electric control refrigerant.

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