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Five Common Chillers Performance Introduction

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Five Common Chillers Performance Introduction


Commonly used chillers include screw chillers, piston chillers, centrifugal chillers, etc., each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. If we want to choose a suitable chiller, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment. Today, the LNEYA chiller manufacturer will introduce the performance of five common chillers to you.

1. Screw chiller: simple structure, few moving parts, few wearing parts, and long service life. The compression ratio is high and the EER value is high. It is not sensitive to wet stroke, the price is higher than the piston type, the single machine capacity is smaller than the centrifugal type, the speed is lower than that of the centrifugal chiller, and the noise of the large-capacity equipment is higher than that of the centrifugal chiller.

2. Piston chiller: It has a wide range of applicable pressures and is highly repairable. The material is simple, the general metal data can be used, the processing is simple, and the cost is low. There are many spare parts and many vulnerable parts. It belongs to the reciprocating motion, the oscillation is larger, and the unit cooling capacity weight is larger.

3. Modular chiller: According to the change of cooling load, the number of modules can be adjusted at any time, so that the output cooling capacity and the air conditioning load can be optimally matched and energy consumption can be saved. Light weight, compact structure, saving construction area. The cost is high, the spare parts are many, the wearing parts are many, and the maintenance cost is high. Under the partial load of a single magnetic head, the scheduling function is poor, and the stepless scheduling cannot be realized.

4. Centrifugal chiller: high impeller speed, large air volume and large single machine capacity. The unit cooling capacity weight is small, the ER value is high, and it can be adjusted steplessly within 10%~100%. Single-stage compressors experience “surge” at low loads and remain stable at full load. When the working conditions are opposite to the planned working conditions, with the decrease of the evaporating temperature, the power drops faster, and the cooling capacity drops faster than that of the piston chiller.

5. Water source heat pump chiller: save electricity and restore heat when working in winter. The environmental impact is evident, with a brief occurrence of a water column phenomenon between the source side and the load side in the system. The one-time capital contribution and operating expenses are high.

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