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Features of Ultra-Low Temperature Circulating Cooler

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Features of Ultra-Low Temperature Circulating Cooler


The ultra-low temperature circulating chiller is mainly used to provide ultra-low temperature circulating cooling liquid for the equipment that needs to be cooled to meet the requirements of low temperature reaction conditions. The low temperature refrigeration circulator independently developed by LNEYA has several temperature control ranges as low as -25°C, -45°C, -60°C, -80°C and -120°C. The equipment can be used with tens, hundreds or thousands of liters of reaction kettles to cool the materials in the reaction kettles.

Features of ultra-low temperature refrigeration circulating chiller:

1. The equipment adopts microcomputer control system, color touch screen, full digital display, and the operation is very convenient. The temperature indication adopts high-brightness LED display.

2. The chiller system is equipped with various safety protection functions such as high and low voltage protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, and ground fault protection.

3. The low temperature circulator system adopts environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerant, which conforms to EU and international safety standards.

4. The accessories used in the refrigeration recirculation chiller system: compressors, oil separators, solenoid valves, expansion valves, etc. are all imported from internationally renowned brands.

5. The evaporator of the equipment is a fully brazed plate heat exchanger.

6. The special circulating pump for low temperature is adopted, and no leakage occurs under low temperature working conditions.

7. The refrigeration cycle system adopts a fully closed cycle system, which has no volatilization phenomenon and protects the health of the experimenter.

8. The liquid storage tank and circulation pipeline of the cooler are made of 304 stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance.

9. The stability of the whole equipment is very reliable, and it can run continuously 24 hours a day for a long time.

10. The cooling method of the equipment adopts air cooling.

11. The shell adopts electrostatic spraying SPCC, which has good anti-corrosion effect.

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