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Features and Maintenance of Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller

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Features and Maintenance of Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller


If the low-temperature recirculation chiller uses a high-quality circulating pump, its outlet pressure can reach an ideal state. The equipment system responds quickly, and there will not be much change during operation. The use of low-temperature recirculation chillers needs to be maintained In a clean, dry and ventilated environment, the parameters must be recorded for each operation, and if any failure occurs, please contact the manufacturer for repairs in time.

First, the characteristics of low temperature recirculation chiller

1. If the imported circulation pump is selected, the outlet pressure can reach above 4bar.

2. Temperature and water level display are standard configurations.

3. The refrigeration power and circulation pump pressure can meet the cooling and constant temperature of small laboratory analysis instruments.

4. Dynamic constant temperature control system, fast response, small constant temperature fluctuation.

5. The key components of the refrigeration system, such as compressors and circulation fans, are of well-known brands.

Second, the maintenance skills of low temperature recirculation chiller

1. In order to ensure the good performance of the unit, please keep the chiller in a good environment with good ventilation and low temperature.

2. Turn off the compressor first, and then turn off the cooling fan.

3. Every 6 months or when the performance of the chiller declines, please clean the condenser and check whether the operating valve is in a normal state.

4. The best working pressure of the condenser should be lower than 1.5MPa. Frequent inspection and cleaning of the condenser can keep the machine at its best performance.

5. For air-cooled chillers, please ensure that the machine is well ventilated and maintain the condenser regularly.

6. If it has not been used for a long time, sometimes the impeller of the water pump will be blocked by sediment, so turn the cooling fan of the water pump by hand before using the machine.

7. During the operation of the unit, the parameters should be recorded in a timely and correct manner.

8. If there is an alarm shutdown during the operation of the unit, the relevant personnel should be notified in time to check the unit. If the fault cannot be eliminated, you can directly contact the factory.

9. It is strictly forbidden to short-circuit the water flow switch during the operation of the unit to avoid freezing and breaking the water pipe.

10. The computer room should be equipped with corresponding safety equipment and maintenance testing tools, such as pressure gauges, thermometers, etc., and the tools should be stored in a fixed location.

11. After the unit stops, do not turn off the main power supply

12. If the unit is in a long-term shutdown state, all the accumulated water in the air part of the cooling water system should be drained to prevent rust.

13. When the unit is shut down for a long time, maintenance work should be done well.

14. It is recommended to replace the lubricating oil every four years or when the oil quality of the lubricating oil deteriorates and the impurities and moisture in the oil increase.

15. Clean the condenser at least once a year. It is recommended to clean it once a year before use, and once in the hottest day of summer.

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