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Features and Advantages of Water Cooled Chillers

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The heat exchange medium of the water-cooled chiller is water, and it is equipped with a special water cooling tower. It is a new temperature control equipment designed and developed by our factory according to the needs of many customers. It can achieve perfect cooling effect according to different process requirements.

All chillers adopt fully closed circulating pipelines. The fully closed circulating system avoids the smell of high-temperature oil mist and the absorption of water at low temperature, and ensures that there will be no pungent smell in the working environment. In this way, it can also avoid the situation that the heat transfer medium becomes viscous and adheres to the pipeline after absorbing water, resulting in poor refrigeration effect. Water cooled chillers can meet the requirements of low temperature environment and achieve the purpose of efficient operation.

The water-cooled chiller mainly relies on water circulation for cooling. In the actual operation process, in order to achieve better cooling effect, it is recommended to use continuous circulation of circulating water, which has a larger flow than tap water, can achieve a relatively high energy efficiency ratio, and can improve the service efficiency of the water-cooled chiller. Therefore, The number of users buying water-cooled chillers is also increasing.

Affected by the water-cooled chiller, the water-cooled chiller has relatively strong environmental adaptability, meets the installation environment of the equipment under the temperature range, has sufficient water source, and the water-cooled chiller can run the operation process of the chiller in an efficient way. Under the operation of a large water-cooled chiller, the overall load is relatively low. Under long-term operation, it can meet the needs of low-temperature environment with less energy consumption. Therefore, under the use of the same equipment, the water-cooled chiller has a great advantage.

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